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Our know-how and strategic partnerships - so you can obtain everything from one source!

Flexible solutions for everyone putting on a long or short show!

Trade show consulting

Concept and planning

Assembly (construction and dismantling)

International project support

Graphics and printing work

Logistical fulfilment

Naturally, you can also draw on each service individually, but you can most certainly use and benefit from our many years of experience.

The priority is not on the booth size or the number of constructed projects, but rather on the best possible implementation of the desired requirements; they define the philosophy of our company:

System booths, whether in system construction and/or traditional...

In terms of the system material, we have placed our trust in the SYMA system Molto since 2003, as it enables flexible room structures and therefore offers significantly more variations than the classic system construction booths in metre patterns. Adding conventional components, this enables us to create booths with a most exciting and eye-catching appearance.

Entirely conventional booths only really make an impression after they have been used several times and assume that the trade show business remains constant. Our two warehouses with a surface space of over 2,000 sq. m. guarantee proper and specialist storage due to complete isolation, thus enabling multiple usage...this is not just an environmental aspect, but also ensures a good return on your investment!

Messebau Hamburg